The Gift of Running

[We would like to introduce Paty.  Paty is a stroke victim who visits the AlterG office frequently to use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ as a training tool to run again on…

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Glute Strengthening and ITB Syndrome

Many distance runners at all level are familiar with Iliotibial Band (or ITB) Syndrome.  Whether they’ve suffered from it themselves or they know someone who has, the soreness along the…

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The AlterG Blog

Welcome to the AlterG Blog!  This Blog is part of our effort to create a community for AlterG customers, patients, clinicians, researchers and fans to talk about rehabilitation, training and…

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Helping Patients Overcome Aging, Obesity and Arthritis with Exercise

Remember when normal wear and tear was the main culprit for knee osteoarthritis? With a growing obesity epidemic, joint degradation—and pain—often come from excessive weight, according to a September 2010…

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Van Ornum

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