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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

The 4th of July is a weekend-long patriotic party and you should have more than enough time to be social, so make sure you take time for self care and…

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What is Overtraining? What to Look for and How to Train Smart

Conventional wisdom tells us that the harder we work, the more progress we will make. Put in the extra hours at the office, for example, or study on the weekends,…

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Winter Coping Tips for the Movement Impaired

As pretty as snowfall might be, the winter months can wear a person down. When added to the already glum mix of cold weather and limited daylight, mobility issues can…

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Workout Ideas for When Gyms Get Crowded in January

Have you noticed how crowded the gyms are in January? That’s because a curious phenomenon takes place at the beginning of each new year: people flock to make good on…

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How to Run Faster and Longer

Harder, better, faster, stronger is more than just a Daft Punk song. It’s what so many people want to achieve with their own conditioning, fitness, and strength. This might explain…

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When a Parent Suffers a Stroke

There are certain phone calls we never want to get, especially as our parents age. Finding out that a parent has had a stroke is among the worst. Immediately the…

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New Advancements in Evidence-Based Physical Therapy

In our last post, we explored the various benefits of evidence-based physical therapy. In recent years, physical therapy has seen great advancements in approaches to evidence-based care. Optimizing therapy for…

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