PT Spotlight: Stephan Venter, Aurora Active PT

PT Spotlight: Stephan Venter, Aurora Active PT 1

Let’s face it, running is a fickle sport. As a former competitive (and I use the term lightly) track and cross country athlete for the University of Colorado, and current distance running devotee, I am all too familiar with the thin line that separates peak fitness from season-ending injury. If you have ever had the…

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Women Who Run | Part 2

Women Who Run | Part 2 2

Last week I told you how I became a runner. Six months into it, running was no longer solely about fitness and weight loss. Running had become something important I shared with friends. When I became injured, I felt like a big part of my world was taken from me.

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Women Who Run

Women Who Run 3

There are a lot of women running groups out there that have prompted us to start an going post called  – “Women Who Run.”  We are calling out to all women to share their stories of their team, their best running friends and family to relate and reflect with us to continue on with this…

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Running Barefoot?

Running Barefoot? 4

There are many articles out there that state running barefoot is better for us than running the traditional way – with shoes on.  We wanted to look into this topic some more as there as numerous blog posts, videos and data of beneficial barefoot running stories.

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